Employment Law Workshop

Sep 07, 2022

Have you signed up for the Employment Law Workshop yet?⁠

I am hosting a free Legal Workshop called Four Mistakes You Are Making that is Exposing the Company to Employee Lawsuits (and how to avoid it). Find out the steps you need to take to implement policies that comply with the law and help ensure you do not run afoul of employment laws.

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Why Should I Attend?⁠

Lawsuits are expensive. There are about 90,000 EEOC Charges filed each year, and on average it costs employers $100,000+ to defend these lawsuits (which does not include settlement amounts). Lawsuits decrease employee morale and increase turnover rates, which cause major problems for the company.⁠

It is important that you are aware of the HR requirements and employment laws affecting your company.⁠

In this free training where we will discuss the following:⁠

1. Learn what documentation is absolutely necessary to protect the business and prevent lawsuits, including when to document employee issues; ⁠

2. Learn how to terminate at will employees and avoid retaliation claims⁠

3. Learn how to properly navigate issues under the FLSA⁠

4. Learn how to properly navigate medical leave laws (ADA and FMLA)⁠

Reserve your spot at www.karlywannos.com/workshop⁠.

1 PDC Credit through SHRM is available.

Have questions? Send me a message at www.karlywannos.com/contact
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Free Legal Workshop

Four Mistakes
that Expose Your Company
to Employee Lawsuits

(And How to Avoid Them)

In this FREE Legal workshop, I'll show you the step by step strategy to making sure you have the proper procedures in place to best protect your company from lawsuits relating to your employees.