Workplace Training- What's Your Preference

Sep 14, 2022

Workplace Training— What Is your Preference?

(1) Pre-recorded and on-demand
(2) Live training by Zoom
(3) Live In-Person Training

Here is a breakdown of the pros/cons of each. Feel free to add your thoughts/experiences in the comments.

1️⃣ Pre-recorded and on-demand

PRO: employees can watch at their own pace, all employees do not need to be in training at once, and lower cost

CON: employees may not be as engaged

2️⃣ Live Training by Zoom/Video Conference

PRO: employees might be more engaged than pre-recorded training

CON: more expensive than pre-recorded training; all employees need to attend the training at one time, which might not be possible

3️⃣ Live in Person Training

PRO: employees are likely to be engaged and training may be customized to address your business needs

CON: Typically the most expensive; all employees need to attend the training at one time, which might not be possible

What is your experience with workplace trainings and which works best for you? ⬇️


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