Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Jan 31, 2023

You may feel physically safe at work, but do you feel safe sharing your thoughts, opinions, and ideas freely without others snickering rolling their eyes or poking fun?

Psychological safety can be seen as the main differential between teams performing successfully and those who are slowly falling apart.

Why is this important to businesses?

If you want your team to succeed, you need to have the proper systems in place. This not only includes the systems to get the job done but also the systems, policies and values which dictate HOW the company will run.

If you want your team to share ideas and encourage collaboration, then businesses need to create an atmosphere for that. Ask employees what they need and what they want and then actually take steps to implement that.

Does your company allow its employees to feel psychologically safe, such that they are willing to share ideas without fear of being singled out? What is your business doing to move the needle forward for its employer/employee relationship today?

Next month I. David Daniels will be joining me on The Employment Experience Podcast to discuss Psychological Safety and Health in the Workplace 101. Let me know what you want to learn/hear more about and we will try to get your questions answered.

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