Lawyer Drafted Contracts- Does Your Company Need Them?

contracts Jan 04, 2022
There is a difference between lawyer drafted agreements, and agreements you found online or through a non-lawyer consultant.
You probably already know that written agreements are important for all business transactions- even small businesses engaging in small transactions. You see, even the smallest transaction for the smallest business can result in big problems for your company.
But you may not realize that the qualifications of the person who drafted the agreement makes a HUGE difference. Lawyers are specifically trained, licensed and have experience resolving (and sometimes litigating) the exact issues your business will face. Litigation attorneys are also privy to the lawsuits that arise from a poorly drafted agreement.
I am a litigation attorney (specializing in HR/Employment issues/disputes with employees) and I see first hand the problems that arise when companies fail to utilize proper language in business agreements.
For example:
✨ who is responsible for paying your lawyer if the other party breaches the terms of the agreement;
✨ are you in an at-will employment state, and does your offer letter inadvertently create an employment contract;
✨ what state will you need to appear in to resolve a dispute;
✨ what can you do when someone speaks badly about your company on social media;
✨ under what circumstances can you let an employee or independent contractor go, etc.
These types of issues will likely not be addressed in a “form” by a non-lawyer consultant.
As an employment lawyer, I not only litigate lawsuits, but also help clients prevent lawsuits and navigate tricky situations with employees. I provide both legal and HR consulting to help businesses function more efficiently and without legal problems. When preparing documentation for your company, it is important to have lawyer- drafted documents, as lawyers are specifically licensed and trained to navigate these exact situations.
Do you have the appropriate lawyer-drafted agreements for the protection of your company?


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