U.S. Immigration Laws: Three Things Employers Should Know

Jul 14, 2021

Listen as we discuss the important topics employers need to know about immigration law with immigration attorney, Emily Sumner, Esq. On the episode we will discuss the I-9 process. This is required for everyone and can be complex and confusing. There are lots of variations and exceptions to the rules, which change often, especially due to Covid and government processing delays. We will also discuss sponsorship of employees. An employer may not have to sponsor an employee for the immigration process just because he/she is a foreign national. Learn the questions you can ask a potential employee regarding sponsorship. We will also discuss what it means for an employer to sponsor an employee for the immigration process. Sponsorship generally means that the employer supports the process by preparing or signing required paperwork, documenting certain requirements, and possibly paying the legal and/or filing fees for an immigration process. Sponsorship can be for a temporary visa classification or for permanent residence (green card).  The immigration strategy that worked for one employee may or may not be the best strategy for the next foreign national employee. There are different visa classifications and sub-classifications.

About Emily Sumner

Emily Sumner is the founding senior partner of Sumner Immigration Law. She has practiced immigration law exclusively throughout her career, focusing on development of systems and procedures that streamline and simplify the visa process and that decrease the often lengthy application period. Emily is fluent in Spanish after living in Salamanca, Spain and also serves as pro bono immigration counsel for I Have a Dream, Richmond.

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Disclaimer: The information on the Employment Experience is for educational purposes only. The information in this episode does not constitute legal advice, and does not create an attorney client relationship. Karly Wannos is licensed to practice law in Florida only. Please consult with an attorney before making any important business related decisions. 

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