HR Audits for Businesses

Nov 08, 2022

You may not be violating the law on purpose, but what about the laws you don't know about?⁠

Ready to make sure your #floridabusiness isn't unknowingly violating employment laws?⁠

Contact us for an HR Audit, where we will do a comprehensive deep dive into all of your practices, policies and procedures. ⁠

We will address all things HR/employment law, such as:

-Applications, job descriptions, hiring and interviews

- Performance evaluations, tracking medical leave, termination and legal risk

- Personnel files, confidentiality, paying employees and required documentation

Once we learn about your company values and how you operate, we will make recommendations and implement new and upgraded policies so you are less likely to be the subject of a lawsuit or government investigation. ⁠

Here's how it works:⁠

1. Contact us by LinkedIn Direct Message or e-mail ([email protected]) and ask for the HR Audit⁠

2. We will set up an initial call and discuss your needs and pricing⁠

3. If we are a good fit, you will complete a comprehensive questionnaire.⁠

4. We will schedule a meeting to discuss compliance issues and make recommendations for implementation.⁠

5. We will help prepare the new policies and contracts to best protect your business⁠

6. Finally, we will schedule a follow up call for any additional questions you may have.⁠

We are now scheduling HR Audits for January 2023. Questions? Drop them here⬇️

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