049: Hiring Trends and Hurdles for 2023 and Beyond – with Scott Dettman of Avenica

Aug 16, 2023

Navigating the hiring market in 2023 seems like a challenge, doesn't it? If you're a business owner or manager stumped by the complexities of today's hiring landscape, this episode with Scott Dettman, CEO of Avenica, is a must-listen. Scott takes us on a journey through the fluctuating dynamics of the market, highlighting the significant impact of inflation and labor shortages, the role of artificial intelligence in hiring, and the importance of comprehensive employee training and development.

Ever wondered about the human element in the hiring process? Scott shares eye-opening insights on the drawbacks of relying solely on algorithms for job matching. He emphasizes that recognizing a candidate's potential and their ability to add value goes far beyond data collection. Join us as we explore the art of interviewing and how to look beyond resumes to truly understand a potential employee's skills and background. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Hiring market in 2023
  • Job market changes and hiring challenges
  • AI and human element in hiring
  • Efficient and effective hiring process
  • Impact of Chat GPT and AI

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