Do Managers Need to Know Employment Laws?

Aug 02, 2022

“Managers don’t need to know employment laws- HR handles that”

Do you agree or disagree?

If you AGREE with the above statement, then let me help here-  Do your managers:

  •  Make schedules
  •  Decide who gets to take PTO
  •  Have input regarding promotions
  •  Make changes to employee timecards
  •  Give performance evaluations or disciplinary warnings

If your managers have any of these responsibilities, then they need to have a basic understanding as to how the employment laws work.

For example:

(1) The manager who removes the employee from the schedule because she complained she isn’t getting paid overtime has exposed your company to a RETALIATION LAWSUIT

(2) The manager who rejects a request for PTO for an employee with anxiety and depression because he has taken all his PTO days has exposed the company to a AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT DISCRIMINATION CLAIM

(3) The manager who only promotes Hispanic employees (because he is hispanic) has exposed the company to a DISCRIMINATION BASED ON RACE/NATIONAL ORIGIN CLAIM.

(4) The manager who changes employee time cards from 43 hours to 40 hours because “we have a rule that employees can’t work more than 40 hours per week” has exposed the company to a FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT CLAIM.

(5) The manager who gives negative performance evaluations after the employee complains her supervisor is making “sexist” jokes has exposed your company to a SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND RETALIATION CLAIM.

These examples are from cases I have personally defended companies in litigation, and I have many many more examples to share. 

If you don’t think front line managers need to know employment laws, then please think again. If Managers are on the front lines making decisions regarding your employees, then they are the ones exposing your company to liability if they are not properly trained- not HR. 


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