Bad Managers Cause Problems

Sep 06, 2022

Bad Managers cause a lot of problems

Inappropriate comments, micromanaging,  yelling, dealing backhanded comments- these actions by managers lead to low employee morale, which increases turnover.

Managers are not supposed to belittle subordinates, act as if its their way or else, yell, scream or make people feel as though their high standards will never be reached. 

Managers should not be passive aggressive, retaliate against employees for raising legitimate issues or make employees feel like they are not as important to the overall function of the company.

Managers should inspire, problem solve and help employees reach their goals- both for the company and for themselves. 

Instead, bad managers lead to decrease in work satisfaction, high turnover and increased costs to the company

What if the bad manager is a high performer, who brings in substantial revenue for the company? This still needs to be addressed- especially in this situation, as a high performing manager needs to set a good example for others to follow.

Bad managers lead to an increase in employee lawsuits for harassment, discrimination and retaliation and therefore a decrease in the overall brand and reputation of the company.

I know this because I am a Florida employment lawyer, and handle cases like this all day long.

Companies need to address this head on, and resolve the potentially toxic situation through coaching, counseling and resolution. 

Don’t let a toxic manager take control and run an otherwise good company into the ground, because in most cases, that’s what ends up happening. It starts with the top, and business owners need to take preventative steps to address this.  

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