Cannabis in the Workplace - with Rachael Ardanuy

Oct 13, 2021

Cannabis is currently illegal at the federal level, but over half the states have a comprehensive medical marijuana program and others allow for recreational use (as of the date of this recording.) Due to the constant change of the law in this area, employers have many unanswered questions about what is and is not permitted relative to cannabis in the workplace. 

My guest this week is Rachael Ardanuy,  Denver-based Cannabis Business attorney and founder of a boutique law firm specializing in cannabis law for businesses. Rachael has dedicated her career to advising, educating and advocating for entrepreneurs, business owners and other cannabis industry participants.

Listen as we discuss the current state of the law, areas where employers need to proceed with caution, and best practices for business moving forward. 

In the episode, we discuss the following:

  1. Can Employers fire someone for marijuana use?
  2. What happens when a new hire tests positive on a drug test?
  3. Will Employers be liable for discrimination if I terminate an employee who fails a drug test?

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