How to Achieve High Performance within Your Business Organization - with Michael K. Sahota

Sep 16, 2021

Michael K. Sahota is the founder and CEO of SHIFT314, Inc., a next generation conscious training and consulting firm that specializes in culture, organizational evolution and evolutionary leadership. In this episode, Michael K. Sahota explains that now, more than ever, organizations are being asked to shift into a more conscious and agile business practice. Michael explains how to transform a traditional organization into an evolutionary one with a framework and mindset that offer a new way of leading and approaching change through business agility.

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1. Why the traditional business system is not going to work long term and businesses should move towards evolutionary agile organizations;
2. Overuse and ineffective use of power and why its important to treat everyone like a volunteer;
3. Understanding the difference between managing and leading and why one is more damaging;
5.  Creating Awareness of the function of ego and the understanding the damage caused by egoic  behavior

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