Recruiting on Social Media and Inbound Marketing - with Joel Lalgee of Hoxo Media

Jul 28, 2021

Joel Lalgee teaches recruiters and recruitment agencies how to create better content and generate inbound leads on Linkedin. Joel successfully grew a substantial following on LinkedIn and after generating multiple clients ending in closed deals, he now  helps other recruitment leaders do the same. Joel has over 57k followers on Linkedin and consistently receives 50k views and hundreds on comments on linkedin. If you are a recruiter, recruitment agency, or in house hiring manager, then you don’t want to miss this episode. 

Pro Tips from Joel Lalgee: 

For beginners, start with commenting and engaging on other social media posts.

Produce video content around recruiting each week with tips on how to be a more effective recruiter.

In order to gain followers in your industry, bridge the gap from where they are at, to where they need to be: educate and create value for your viewers.

Turn substantial, valuable and thoughtful comments into a post.

Don’t be afraid to test different posts and see what resonates with your audience. Try different types of posts (articles, text, photos and video).

If you don’t know what to post, listen to clients and candidates. What are their struggles and what are their pain points or interests. What business objectives are they trying to accomplish? Produce connect those people will find valuable. 

Test content on Twitter to see if it is resonating with your audience. Include personal stories, day to day stories and industry specific content.

Using hashtags so your audience can find you. 

Create a Bio and Headline that stands out so your audience wants to connect with you.

Build credibility through interviews and repurpose your content.

Diversify your content but also focus on your niche.


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